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How to start sports betting and casino website for free?

Starting a gambling site is a daunting tasks to most, especially with all sorts of requirements such as gambling license, reliable software, servers and marketing plans. Not just that — you will also need business license with merchant account to accept payments from the players. Considering all those lists, starting a gambling business is not a cup of tea for everyone. It might take you months and years to get all things set before your gambling site is up and running. Not to mention the cost involved will be incredibly high — on average of over $100k for a basic site. But here with us, you can start your gambling business in less than 24 hours with as little as $1500 with no paperworks whatsoever. At the end of this article you will come to know how you could be a proud owner of betting cum casino website in less than 24 hours. See step-by-step pointer explanation below.

1. A complete sports betting and Casino website for less than a $1500

When it comes to sports betting website, it's a costly business to own. The cost is largely due to live API data you have to deal with. For any live events or even pre-match events, the odds are to be updated every seconds or minutes. This is where the bulk of cost comes from. Odds must be updated every few mins or seconds else users will go for matched or arbitage betting. Read more about arbitrage betting here. Updating information through API every minutes will mean that it comes with cost — that's why betting website cost more than any other normal websites.

Basic betting website will cost you around $10,000, and advanced betting website will cost you no less than $20,000. However, with us — you will get a complete betting website for less than $1500. Betting website for less than $1500 is an unbelievable deal and one time opportunity. You can check the pricing comparison of other companies here

2. Choosing right combination of software as per your budget

We offer two different sets of software combination viz:
  • Pre-match sports betting AND Casino
  • Pre-match AND in-play sports betting AND Casino
PRE-MATCH BETTING means betting are allowed only until the game starts. Bet options will close automatically once the match starts. While, in INPLAY BETTING, betting are allowed and open while the match play is in progress. In in-play, betting odds changes every few seconds there by need large API requests every single match. This is the reason why the price of in-play betting is bit higher than the normal pre-match.

Is there any difference in earnings between the two?
Not really as per as profit margin is concerned. But the main advantage of in-play betting is that you may have more users willing to bet on a live match and thereby possibly generate more revenue.

3. How do I actually make money from my sports betting and casino website? and how much can I expect to earn?

First, lets discuss the first part of the question — How do I actually make money from my sports betting and casino website. Lets further divide this in to two parts viz. sports betting & Casino for simplification.
(a) SPORTS BETTING: In normal sports betting website, the profit of company comes directly from the money users lost in their bets. Besides losing bets, you will also profit from commission on bets and spread between the odds. Here is 3 ways how you will profit from sports betting:
  • Amount lost in bet by user
  • Commission on the bet volume (on both sides)
  • And lastly spreads on odds
Amount lost in bet by user is typically not a fixed earning. You make money when the user lose, or you pay the user when he wins. This happens only when there are no bettors on the opposite end. For eg. if there is 5 bettors on Team A WIN with a total bet amount of $100 AND 0 bettors on team B WIN. Here if team B win, you get all $100. However, if team A win, you will pay out $100 - commission + spread. You will deduct fixed commission plus difference in odds. So, total payout to users will be around 80-85% of total volume. Here, you are already in advantage of about 20%. But most often than not you will get bettors for both teams. In this case, it neutralizes each other but you will earn your fixed commission in this case. You take $100 from losing bettors, and payout $80-85 to winning bettors — thereby, you profit 15-20% on total bet volume irrespective of who wins the game.

Commission on bet volume: Bet volume is total betting amount on that particular match.For eg. match between New York giants vs. Chicago bears. If 10 users bet on GIANTS WIN with a cumulative bet amount of $1000, and on the other hand 7 users bet on BEARS WIN with a cumulative volume of $1000. Here, the total bet volume will be $2000 ($1000+$1000). On top of that total volume, you can put fixed commission. Say you have 5% fixed commission on volume, you will get 2000 * 5/100 = $100 irrespective of who wins the game. If 10% commission, you get fixed $200.

Spread on Odds: Spreads are very crucial when there is one sided bet. One sided means if there are no bettors on opposite team. Spread either leverage your earning or minimize your loss. This is how bookmakers beat the punters 90% of the times. Spreads are nothing but just the difference of odds between opposite teams. For eg. lets take tennis match between Rafael Nadal vs. Roger Federer. For a WIN category, odd for Rafael Nadal is 2.1 AND for Roger Federer is 1.9. You see the difference in odds (2.1-1.9)? Here the spread is 0.2. This is almost 10% of advantage for you. The spreads are not fixed, they keep fluctuating as the match progresses. They come directly from API source. You can manipulate or widened the spread manually from the website admin dashboard.

Verdict: You stand a winner in both fixed commission and amount lost by user in bet. Though amount lost by user in bet is not guaranteed all the time but you clearly is in huge advantage due to spreads and commission on bet volume. If you have good number of players in your website, such one sided bet rarely happens. The raw data around the betting websites indicates that 90% of the bettors lose their money.

(b) CASINO AND VIRTUAL SPORTS: Our casino and virtual sports system is highly adjustable. For example: you can set winning percentage on the outcome. If you set 5% as winning probability, then the chances of user winning the spin or bet is 5% out of 100%. He will loss 95 times out of 100 spins. You can also put 0% winning probability but it's not recommended as you need to keep baiting the users with some scattered wins — so they put in more money. So in casino, you are winning 100% profit. No questions asked.


What is Pay Per Head?
Pay per head is nothing but the exchange of bookmaking software, casino, as well as sportsbook for a weekly payment per player. Here, agents will pay you for every players they have in their account. It means you are no longer part of the bet settlement between players. The bet settlement and earnings from commissions, spread or win/loss of the players are directly dealt between agents (who brought the player) and players.

In Pay Per Head, you will bring as many agents as possible and just sit back and collect the PPH fee on a weekly basis. You will just monitor the website and managing funds of the agents. Learn more about pay per head here..

Apart from them, you can always resell your website for higher price. If you already have some genuine players in your website then there will be many people who will be willing to buy your website for a much better price than what you purchase today. You literally got nothing to lose as long as you stick to the basics.

4. How do I receive or accept money from players/users(payment gateway)?

Direct settlement to bank accounts for a betting website requires gambling license. As we are operating independently without requirement of gambling license, we have two options for receiving payments:
1. Cryptocurrency
2. PayPal.

For cryptocurrency, you will just need your cryptocurrecy address. For PayPal doesn't allow transactions in gambling websites, so we will be setting up separate token website that will be linked to the betting site. Users can then deposit on the referred website which will be reflected on the user's balance once the transactions are successful. The payments will settle with the PayPal like any regular online shop (typically 2-3 days). Once settled, you can withdraw to your bank accounts. Using PayPal is preferred because players will be able to deposit with their debit/credit cards directly even from the location/country where the gambling is prohibited. Ability to use PayPal is overall huge difference it can make.

5. Marketing Strategies to kick forward your online betting and casino business

When everything else has been taken care of, by us — you’ll need to focus more on marketing your new online gaming business. Marketing is a gateway of success to online businesses. Research and pick your best marketing plans and go for a trial & errors mode to test out which strategies works best. The initial days may looks challenging to get more players but once you cross the first step, you have sky as a limit waiting for you.

Being said, here are some of the few tips you may look into:
For almost half of the world's population is on the social media, there is no reason why it shouldn't figure in the first list of marketing strategies. These two complementary steps seems a good starting point:
1. Social Media campaign
2. Loyalty Programs

Social Media campaign : If you are beginner in marketing fields, you don't need to touch anything from your own. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are willing to promote your business for a fraction of fee. For eg. there are many people in websites like, etc., who are willing to promote your business to millions of their followers for as low as $5. There will be people who are willing to tweet your business to their thousands of twitter followers for as little as $10. This way you will slowly increase your website traffic, and that will help your website SEO significantly. Yes, the conversion rate will be pretty low but no regrets even if you get 1 player out of 100 visitors. Remember, getting lots of traffic in your website means your website is helping SEO a lot. Improving SEO means your website net worth is increasing in parallel as organic traffic starts to flow your site. You can drive thousands of such social media traffic every single day for a budget of as low as $20-30/day.

Loyalty Programs : Some frequently used loyalty programs offered by online operators are: Sign up bonuses: Players acquire a sign up bonus the moment they join a gambling website; Deposit bonuses: Players obtain a bonus the moment they choose to deposit a certain sum of money; No deposit bonuses: The sportsbook offers free money without asking for a deposit; Free bets: Free bets are generally connected with the size of the deposit.

These are some of the basics to start your online betting business. As the time goes, you can combine many campaigns simultaneously to get best out of your marketing techniques.

6. Gambling is not regulated or illegal in my country — can I still go ahead?

Absolutely! As Website is hosted in our server it has got nothing to do with your physical locations. The payments are received via e-commerce website, so it makes totally legal transactions as they are not taking place through gambling site. Whether you are an American or Australian, doesn't really matter.

Gambling market is a huge market, and it's increasing exponentially year-on-year due to advancement in technology and the fact that more and more people are shifting their businesses to online platform. There will be a massive growth in U.S.A in the next couple of years when the gambling is legalized nationwide. This is the perfect time to start your gambling website.

Now that we know how easily you can start-up online gambling business and it's potential of giving a huge return. Today, you take the first step, and rest we will take care.

Check our software demo

Are we good to go?


Pre-match & Casino

Price : $3500.00 $1499.00
Payment Type : One time
Recurring payment : No
Hosting : 3 Months free
Monthly API fee: No
Hidden cost : None
Support : Free setup and support
Discount Validity : Current price valid till 5th Jan, 2019.

In-play, Pre-match & Casino

Price : $5500.00 $2999.00
Payment Type : One time
Recurring payment : No
Hosting : 3 Months free
Monthly API fee : No. 20k API Free
Hidden cost : None
Support : Free setup and support
Discount Validity : Current price valid till 5th Jan, 2019.

Once we receive the payment, we will send you confirmation message and start the installation within 48-hours

How to get it free?

That you have read the entire post on how to start a gambling website and it's earning potentials. Now, as promised in the headline we are committed to give free full betting website for FREE if you can refer to us at least 3 customers. Those 3 customers must have purchased any of the package through your reference within 365 days or 1 year. The reference may be direct, manual or through link sharing in social media, it doesn't matter. Please go through t&c for more information.

Copy and post the link in your Facebook feed or tweet.

Do you still want to talk to us?

If you want to talk to us before purchase or would like to know things in more details, we are always here to assist you with. If you need to add features or have advanced project in hand, we also provide custom work.

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