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Sports Betting software

Online sportsbook software for sale. One of the cheapest online betting software. Our live sports betting script php is reliable and cheapest at the market. Free sportsbook script are also available to some of our customers who purchase add on on our betting products. Bookmakers can now just purchase and get their gambling website in less than a day. Our php bet software can cater all your needs which is built by mysql, php, phyton betting script, node js and angular js  on some of our products. Sportsbook software provider. Sportsbook php and sportsbook software php.



Bet software for bookmakers, punters, and bitcoin and ethereum project. Here Sports betting with bitcoin software. If you are looking for gambling website that works with bitcoin, crytocurrency betting, casino, gambling, virtual sports betting then you are right here. We cater betting platform for cryptocurrency betting, soccer betting, crypto bet, cryptocurrency bet software, and for all book making, bookmakers php script available.


We also cater sports data api, odds comparison API, odds api, sports betting odds api along with the soccer software for all your needs. Live sports data on the go. Live betting platform, live wagering software for free and premium for sales.


Software for crypto currency betting, ETH betting platform or ETH betting script php and node.js and angular js betting system and script.


Pay per head software:

We also provide pay-per-head bookie script for bookmakers. Pay per head sportsbook script. Pay per head is one of the most promising software for bookmakers to make money. Make money with pay per head bet software. Earning money using our betting script php has become easy and just a click away to start your gambling business. We cater soccer bet software, football bet software, tennis bet software for free and premium at the lowest price in the market.. Grab today to start your dream project.


Available products: sportsbook , Unibet clone soccer bet, betting script php, bookies software, bookmakers script, casino script php, casino script, virtual sports betting script, gambling software, live API odds, football betscript, tennis bet. Nice and simple virtual sports bet script

Sports betting solutions All in one sports software solutions

  • Over 60,000 events every single month
  • Both Prematch & In-Play betting
  • 2000+ slot games
  • 100% Open source software
  • Live Casino Dealer
  • Cashout

Price — $14999.99

  • Over 40,000 events every single Month
  • In-Play betting
  • Prematch betting & casino games
  • 100% Open source software
  • Live scores & stats
  • Multi-Languages

Price — $2999.99

  • Over 60,000 events every single Month
  • Exchange, sportsbook & games
  • Prematch & inplay betting
  • Extra agent, super agent panel
  • Cash out available
  • Multi-Langual

Price — $25000.00

  • Over 40,000 events every single Month
  • In-Play betting
  • Prematch betting & casino games
  • 100% Open source software
  • Live scores & stats
  • Multi-Languages

Price — $2999.99

  • Over 40,000 events every single Month
  • In-Play betting
  • Prematch betting & casino games
  • 100% Open source software
  • Live scores & stats
  • Multi-Languages

Price — $2999.99

  • Customized for US/American Format
  • All leagues NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, college football etc.
  • In-Play & Prematch betting
  • 100% Open source software
  • Live scores & stats
  • Multi-Languages

Price — $2999.99

  • Customized for retail bet shop
  • Over 200 markets on each events
  • Events and tickets printable
  • Events results and live scores available
  • Agent system integrated
  • Multi-Langual support

Price — $1999.99

Tipping & scores
  • Tipping and scores
  • Live scores on over 15+ sports and events.
  • Schedule, results and odds
  • odds comparison with over 20+ bookies
  • Match predictors.
  • Points betting system

Price — $15499.99

BASIC FAQ's Some of the important frequently asked questions

  • Contact us at skype:

  • Pre-match betting

    Pre-match betting allows betting on events till the match starts. Once the match starts, users will no longer be able to bet on it. Though Admin can open up the betting after second half — if they wish to.

    In-Play betting

    In-play betting allows betting while the match is ongoing or live. The match odds changes continuously during the match until it’s end.

  • In in-play betting API make calls every few seconds to keep track of the odds changes along with live scores. Calling API every few seconds means it needs large data calls and resources. This amounts to millions of API calls every Weeks or Months which is cost intensive and requires large amount of resources. 

    On the other hand, in pre-match API is called only once or twice in an hour or so.

  • It depends on your requirements and plans. If you are not a company or trying to start your own proprietorship business then ‘pre-match’ package may be most suitable. This will cut down your unnecessary monthly fee of having an in-play event betting that’s resource intensive. 

    However, if you want to set up things at once and stand a better chance of making a good business then you can go ahead with in-play package with confidence. 

  • You can modify the basic styling including colors, positions, images etc.. They are absolutely easy and need no technical knowledge to do that.. Little bit of guidance can do the stuff. 

  • We do offer custom work. As you are with us, you can ask for any modification or features add-on. We are available for the custom work at minimum cost. 

  • In basic free support you will get free installation, styling guides, operational guides or any part of script that’s not working or need basic modifications that can be addressed in few minutes.

  • Yes, we are available for managing your website for a minimum monthly cost. We will manage everything on the website including cashier. So you can solely focus on your marketing plans to take your business to next level.

  • No. pre-match, casino & virtual sport are one time payment. Only in-play package is recurring monthly fee.

  • Yes, you can buy. Whether you are from USA or Canada or Europe, you can safely buy and operate from our server. As it’s hosted in our server so you got nothing to worry.

  • No, you don’t need anything. Doesn’t matter whether it’s legal or illegal to bet in your country of residence.

  • You just need domain name to get started. Configuration and installation is done from us with 2 Months of free cloud hosting.

  • As most of the hosting companies doesn’t allow betting website because of it’s legal issues so it’s best that we take things in to our own hands and make sure that you don’t have to go through lots of hardship to get started your betting business. It’s hosted with full security in our secured Cloud server, and we guaranteed 99% up-time.

  • You will get 2 Months free hosting at the start (t&c apply). Once your 2 months hosting is expired, you will subscribe for monthly hosting plan. Unlike other hosting companies where managed hosting costs you hundreds of dollars a month — our hosting cost is minimum and highly reliable as it’s hosted in cloud platform.

    Pre-match hosting cost anywhere between $10 – $50 per month and in-play at $30-$100, but rest assured it will be always lower than other hosting companies.

  • As soon as you purchase our package we start the process of installation.. It’s usually set within 2 days with all your images, logos etc. Once installation is over, we hand over the credentials and guide you through on how to manage your website or edit your website style. 

  • No. We can’t help on your financial decision making. We are here to help you on technical issues or website related problem.

  • No. But we might have solution for you. Please talk to us.

  • Yes, it’s 100% source code installed in your server

  • Instant Skype:

Do you have ETH token project or any cryptocurrency project that you want to run sports betting website?

We can help you with that too. Please fill up the contact form and send us your requirement for further discussion.