Inplay script — Soccer script is an automatic scores plugin/script featuring all major inplay soccer matches. The script uses API which get schedules or fixtures on all the major competition across soccer/football The script is build with simple HTML, PHP, MySql, jQuery combination

There are all sports or live updates available coming up. Please talk to us for more details on this front.


  • Live automatic updates
  • Automatic changes
  • HTML/WP/jQuery/css3
  • update scores every few mins
  • For all soccer matches.
  • Highly customizeable
  • Good for affiliate marketing
  • Free installation
  • SEO friently
  • Yearly fee of $299.99
  • Free hosting and domain on request
  • Lots more…



  1. Hosting
  2. Domain Name

Note*  As this script doesn’t use API so any shared server works perfectly.